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Telex Radio Dispatch Solutions



Why Choose Telex?

We provide flexible solutions that scale to your operational needs. We have you covered – whether you’re a small business, Fortune 500 company, retailer, or hotel.

When people think about radio dispatch systems the first thought that usually comes to mind is public safety, but dispatch systems are just as useful elsewhere. Our systems are flexible and scalable to meet the needs and budgets of enterprise customers of all sizes and verticals. Service industry users often need both communication and location information quickly. For example, a plumbing or delivery company might use a dispatch system to keep in touch with their crews or drivers in the field, utilizing GPS data provided by their radio to track their progress. This can result in better response times to meet their customer’s needs.


Telex responded quickly and accurately to our software requirements and made sure none of our customers would be stranded as a result of the technology conversion.

Tom Bedics, Southern Linc Engineering

Large companies with one or more campuses can also benefit from better communications. Our dispatch solution can help coordinate day-to-day operations staff along with maintenance and security for the entire facility or campus. In addition, because our products utilize IP connectivity, communications can be linked between geographically diverse areas.This makes it possible for a corporate radio communication system to reach beyond a single location or country.

Hospitality industry users are often concerned with making sure guests have the best experience possible. By utilizing dispatch software, those managing operations can effectively communicate with AV, catering, cleaning, maintenance, security, and other staff by individual or group. In addition, the crosspatching function makes it possible to link multiple groups together when needed, or keep them separate when not.

The retail industry can also reap the benefits of our dispatch technology. A large national or international retailer can link radio systems between corporate offices, data centers, warehouses, and retail operations. Further operational benefits can be realized when the dispatch system is interfaced to other systems such as public address, safety, and security. For example, a radio message can be automatically transmitted any time a dock door or any other door that is normally closed is left open. This can result in reduced heat and cooling costs, along with reduced potential for product shrinkage.This in turn results in better profitability.

The All-New IP-3000 Series

Next-Generation IP Radio Dispatch Console

User Friendly
Combines console, software and direct IP interfaces into single easy-to-configure devices, with flexible layout options and an enhanced GUI

Simplified Management
Makes system administration, configuration and software updates quick and easy, whether on-site or remote

Bridging Systems
Interconnect with a variety of systems seamlessly using industry standards and APIs

Telex Radio Dispatch

Connected Solutions

Since Telex Radio Dispatch is a Bosch brand, we offer a full spectrum of solutions that can be integrated together to meet your unique needs, whether it’s for dispatch, public address, conferencing, CCTV, fire, or security – to name a few!

Connected Solutions

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Telex and our certified partners are ready to help support you through planning, purchase, and setup. Services available through our network of highly-qualified associates and partners may include:

  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Programming & Commissioning

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We cover all aspects of pro audio between our various brands and their broad range of products, so we can precisely meet the specifications of any given project, large or small. Add our brands' core technological competencies to the global R&D resources of Bosch, and you can be assured that for any application and every budget, we have the best‑in‑class solution for you.

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